About Thimar

THIMAR is technology solution, that enables you to experience buying quality fruits and vegetables with ease, and security. Buying through our application or website will ensure a fast, and efficient delivery.


We are hoping to Controlling and regulating the farmer, to provide a safe and nutritious product. Providing and introducing new varieties of fruits and vegetables, that will in turn upgrade the nutritional value. Disrupting and downsizing a very old and inefficient supply chain, to minimize the waste of resources, which will be beneficial to the farmer and the final consumer.


Our mission is to enhance and modernize the experience of purchasing fruits and vegetables through technology and the customer care you deserve.We ensure a clean, high quality product, fast and pleasant experience, with a competitive price. Whether your preference is to experience the aesthetics of picking your own fruits and vegetables right under your house or prefer to have your purchase picked and delivered right to your doorstep, we will provide.